Floral Plaid Stamped Mani

The challenge this week in Adventures in Stamping (a Facebook group devoted to stamping) is "Your Favorite Flower." I don't really have a favorite flower, so I was kind of stuck for inspiration, and while I was browsing around online, I ran across this dress on eShakti.
eShakti Floral Embroidered Houndstooth Dress (photo from eShakti)

eShakti has great dresses and very special/unique items. My sister and I obsess on it and share outfits back and forth online all the time. (full disclosure: They are also an advertiser on this blog, and I use affiliate links when I talk about them, but that's because I loved them already and not the other way around.) I don't even think this dress would look good on me, but I am hoping they come out with a slightly different style with the same fabric, which they sometimes do.

Sometimes eShakti uses different words for things than I would. I would think of this more of a plaid than a houndstooth, unless there is some tiny houndstooth that I can't see.

Anyway, I decided to try to recreate this look in a stamped mani. I started with a base of red because there is a thin red line in the plaid. I took a photo of the red I used because it's so pretty!
Finger Paints Brilliant Brushstroke
Overall for this mani, I used:
  • Base: Finger Paints Brilliant Brushstroke (Finger Paints are sold at Sally Beauty)
  • Plaid layer: Ulta Professional Rock-A-Billy and Pueen 48
  • Floral vines with Color Club Mod in Manhattan (a Birchbox exclusive) and Pueen 33 
This photo shows the stuff I used along with the "plaid" layer of stamping. 

Supplies and Plaid Layer
Finally, the results! I am overall happy with the look of the mani, but I wish I had used a finer detailed stamp for the "plaid" layer because the detail is kind of covered up by the vines. But I like the dimension the different colors add.
Floral Plaid

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