December 2013 Besh Box Review

Joining the ranks of foodie subscription boxes out there, now John Besh has a Southern-influenced box called Besh Box. You may know the Louisiana-based Besh because he has been on many, many cooking shows, most recently Top Chef New Orleans, or his perfect hair and winning smile:

John Besh- Photo from
I just finished binge watching all four seasons of Treme, and I am always down for food goodies, so I was thrilled to receive this box. This box was provided by Besh Box for me to review.

First, the unboxing:

Besh Box Unboxing
December's theme was "Home for the Holidays," and it was beautifully packaged with holiday tissue and lots of goodies to use for holiday baking.

There were a couple of things I won't use:

Probably won't use
There is a note to plant the seeds now and the peppers will be used in a future Besh Box, but I live in an apartment, so won't be planting any seeds. Theoretically I could grow them in a pot, but I don't do that type of thing. So I will probably give these to someone who wants them! And the ornament is pretty, but I don't do a Christmas tree.

Most of the items were very useful and cool. There were recipe cards, cards with tips on them from John Besh, and a variety of items to use in holiday baking.
Besh Box Goodies
So far, we've been using the dish towel and love it, and the bench scraper is really interesting- it's made of some lightweight material but still works super well. I am excited to try the cutter out on dough next time I make a pie. The pecans are great, and we got a generous quantity- enough to use in the tart recipe provided plus a lot more for snacking while blogging. I am really interested in the whole vanilla beans. I haven't had any whole vanilla beans for years! It's not something I think to buy, but I will try them out next time I bake something vanilla flavored. 

Overall, I am very pleased with the Besh Box. I am not good at subscription box math, but I feel like the value of the box is really there. Besh Box costs $55 for one, $160 for three, and there are additional plans if you want longer-term subscriptions. It's always good with any new subscription box to do shorter-term subscriptions, but it looks like they kind of have the next few planned out, and are marketing them as "The Big Game Box" and "Mardi Gras Box." Hmm, the Mardi Gras box really intrigues me... I might have to check back in a month and see what's up with Besh Box!

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