Be Your Own Stylist This Weekend

Hey, you know how some days you get up in the morning, you are late to work and you want to put on some super comfortable outfit like this and run out the door? 
Don't do that.

OK. This is an actual outfit I own and that I unfortunately wore to work recently after I had been working for three weeks straight on a major project and was so stressed out my brain was fried. But these two things should never be worn together. The stretchy pants can be worn with nicer tops and the paisley velour jacket should only be worn with jeans (or perhaps never, I am not sure).

I am not a morning person, and when I get up to go to work, I am always in a rush. I have lots of nice clothes, jewelry and accessories, but they are all kind of mixed and smashed together, and when I look at them in the AM, I am like..... HELP!

Too Many Stuffs!
So what's a girl to do? How come Hollywood stars look cute everywhere they go and I don't? Well, it's because they have stylists, of course! Occasionally I decide to "be my own stylist" and make up some outfits on the weekend to wear all week. It really helps me refresh my wardrobe and feel better about what I am wearing.

There are a couple of ways to start. One way is to get out all of your jewelry and accessories and pick through them to find ones that you really want to wear and use those for outfit inspiration. I chose a few things that are either new or I haven't worn for a while and laid them out on the bathroom counter.
Maybe I will wear this stuff
You see those earrings on the far left? I have had them since last summer, but only worn them once. So I started with those and a cute bicycle scarf my sister gave me for Christmas that I have also never worn, and came up with this outfit.

Outfit 1
Don't the flowers on the earrings look kind of like the gears of a bike? 

After I am done picking out all of the things, I hang them all on a hanger together and put them in the closet. I put the earrings in a little drawstring bag and put them over the hook of the hanger. Outfit one is ready to go!

For my next outfit, I decided to go with a top I don't wear much. I have this cute bow-print top from eShakti that I adore but can be hard to wear because it's a bit sheer and a bit difficult to match. Also, I have to wear one particular bra with it and  with the general messy state of my dresser, all of this is a bit much first thing in the morning.

Outfit 2
Taking the time to make up this outfit was very useful. I discovered the black pants I wanted to put with it had a tear in them, and I had to find my other ones and do some cat hair removal. I also hung the bra and camisole that I need to wear with this on the hanger so it's there when I need it. So now we are good to go with Outfit 2!

Last, sometimes I want to try a new trend I have seen, and I am sure I have the items to pull it off, but am not sure how my stuff will go together. In this case, I wanted to try mixing bright colors and prints. I have this black and white spotty dress and denim jacket that I have worn together before, and I wear a specific pair of leggings under this dress, so I dug those out too. I wasn't sure about the accessories, though. I played around a bit and came up with this combo.

Outfit 3
What do you think? Not too bad, huh? This could have been a big disaster had I tried it first thing in the A.M.

You could even carry this through to shoes, makeup and nail polish if you wanted to! I usually do my nails at night 2-3 times a week, and I will definitely be thinking of my pre-made outfits when I do my nails next week. 

It might seem like you don't have time to do this, but if you can set aside just an hour on the weekend to put some outfits together, you will find it saves a lot of time and makes you feel more put together throughout the week. One time I managed to put together outfits for the whole month in a couple of hours. It's kind of fun once you get going, and even though I am no fashionista, I do feel better when I wear new and fun outfits rather than the same old-same old every day.

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