100% Pure Nail Polish Review

100% Pure is a cosmetic company that sells natural, vegan and cruelty-free products. They recently came out with a line of 5-free nail polish and graciously sent me a few to try out.

First off, any nail polish addict will know how excited I was to receive five nail polishes, each individually wrapped in bubble wrap AND in a box of packing peanuts. I reached out to 100% Pure to see if this is how they wrap them normally for customers, and they said they always use bubble wrap for nail polish. YES!

Best. Wrapping. Ever.

Everyone has had that experience where you get your nail mail and the overpowering smell lets you know there has been a tragedy before you even open your box. Nail groups on Facebook are full of heartbreaking photos of beautiful nail polish that has broken all over the inside of the shipping box because they weren't wrapped very well. And by big nail companies! Not here. These puppies took me five minutes to unwrap, they were packed so well.

So, after I unwrapped them, I found three neutrals, a base coat, and a top coat. Honestly at first I was a little let down because 100% Pure has some really rich reds, and I didn't feel like I needed to ever try any more neutrals. However, the blogging show must go on, so I forged ahead.

First, I tried out the palest one of the bunch. 12:51 is a ballet pink shade with a teeny bit of peach in it. I have to say, I am super impressed! These polishes are all described as "creamy," and they definitely are. It's hard to find a pale pink that goes on opaque. This is two coats. The lighting is a bit funky in this photo, but you can see the opacity.

100% Pure 12:51
Second, Velouria, a pretty taupe. I could have probably gotten away with one coat of this- it's quite opaque. However, I usually do two thin coats in any manicure, so that's what I did here.

100% Pure Velouria
Last: Velveteen, a mauve-y taupe. This is a bit deeper and on my skin it looks more like a purple than a neutral, but on a darker-skinned lady, I think this would be a gorgeous neutral. I like it for me too! Again, very creamy and opaque.

100% Pure Velveteen
I'm using the base coat in all these manis, but I used my own top coat because the top coat from 100% Pure is not quick dry. I tried it out with the 12:51 mani, but I can't deal with non-quick dry top coat- I actually started to feel anxious about ruining my mani and topped it with my normal quick-dry top coat.

I have to say, these 100% Pure polishes REALLY surprised me. Generally speaking, I go into any brand that bills itself as natural, vegan, cruelty free, yada yada, with a healthy bit of skepticism because there are so many now, and not all of them are very good. Of course it is better to have healthier products, but it can be just an ideological stance that isn't backed up by quality product, especially with nail polish. But these are great polishes! I can see these going into heavy rotation and I want to try them for some tone-on-tone stamping. 

Disclaimer: I am a part of the 100% Pure affiliate program and the links in this post are affiliate links! But I only share things I like, and if I make a few bucks from ads it's just icing on the cake.

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