Wantable Review Makeup Box December 2013

I've been eyeing Wantable's makeup box for a long time, so when I had a chance to review one, I was very excited! Wantable sent me the December 2013 makeup box for review. Wantable also has jewelry and lingerie subscriptions, but I only tried out the makeup box.

First off, the packaging is great. Makeup subscription boxes use a variety of packaging, some better than others, which can lead to breakage, spillage, and major cases of the sads. Wantable's came with this kind of egg foam liner, and another piece on top, with the products spread throughout the box. The foam kept the items secure and separated, and they were in pristine condition!
Best. Packaging. Ever.

Wantable promises 4-5 full-sized beauty items in their box, along with the possibility of samples. The subscription cost is $36 a month, or you can buy a single box for $40. The cost is the main reason why I haven't sprung for a Wantable subscription yet; if I am going to spend $40 on beauty products, I normally prefer to know what I am getting. But I have heard great things about this box, and I was not disappointed!

First off, any time someone sends me nail polish, I am happy, and Color Club is a great, underrated brand. I already used this Color Club polish in my Animalistic mani and the color is a nice neutral that's still hip enough to wear over and over throughout the winter. The nail wraps don't turn me on so much- they are pretty, but I don't wear nail wraps that much. If I had paid for this box, these would go straight on my swap board, but since it was given to me, I will save them and try them out for a review blog post some other day. I will say- I have had NCLA wraps before that I got elsewhere, and they sell pretty well on eBay. 

The lip products are both great- the Michael Marcus lipstick has quickly become my go-to lipstick, which is saying a lot since I have about fifty lipsticks at the moment. The Dex product is actually more of a moisturizer. It doesn't have much color to it, and it has a moisturizing center. I've been using it in the cold weather we are having and it works great. I was surprised to see a Starlooks eyeliner in the box, since they have their own sub box, but I'm not complaining about having a pretty color of eyeliner to wear. And then there was a Skiin product sample I haven't tried yet. 

Overall, the only thing that wasn't a win for me is the NCLA wraps, and they are still pretty cool. Since they would be swappable or sellable if I had paid for them, I feel really good about the value of the box. Wantable actually includes an itemization that shows the retail cost of each item, and this month's added up to $85.  Retail value can be tricky- there are lots of beauty brands out there that no one ever pays retail prices for. But since the retail value is more than double the price of the box, and this box seems to be curated well, I do think it's worth the money. You can also do returns if you want to, which is a great feature. I didn't have a need to test it out, so I don't know the particulars of the return process. 

Itemized value
I'm still on the fence about whether or not to sign up for a subscription. The value is definitely there, and I loved most of the products. The boxes I already get (Birchbox and Sample Society) have a lot of skincare and less makeup, so Wantable would round it out nicely. But for me, the budget factor comes into play, so I probably won't commit to a Wantable subscription, unless I decide to subscribe and skip. I am definitely going to keep an eye on Wantable and some months when I have the $40 to purchase a one-off box, it's going in the rotation!

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  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I'm a huge Wantable fan. I have returned once though and it was super easy. There was just a short few question survey on why you didn't like it and what they could do better. Pretty sure you didn't have to actually fill that out unless you wanted to though.