Suki Stampwich

There is a concept in nail art called a Jelly Sandwich. It's when you take jelly polishes (sheer colored polishes) and layer them with glitter polish. Then someone came up with a Jelly Stampwich, where instead of glitter you do stamping in between the layers. There are some really cool ones out there, and this Sunday in Adventures in Stamping, it was our challenge.

I did mine with a sheer polish that I am not sure is really considered a jelly. Jellies are more clear and dry kind of shiny, and this is more of a cloudy nude color. But it was the sheerest polish I had that wasn't glitter, so I went with it.

This mani was created with:
Sparitual Whirlwind Romance
Julep Stevie
Sally Hansen Xtreme Coral Reef
MoYou UK Suki 04 (two different stamps)

More details below.
First Six Layers

The layers go as follows:
  1. SpaRitual Whirlwind Romance
  2. Julep Stevie
  3. SpaRitual Whirlwind Romance
  4. Sally Hansen Xtreme Coral Reef
  5. SpaRitual Whirlwind Romance
  6. Sally Hansen Xtreme Coral Reef
  7. SpaRitual Whirlwind Romance
I used the below two stamps from MoYouUK Suki Collection 04 with the corresponding polishes labeled on the photo.

Stamps and their colors
The final result! Mine is not as good as some of the girls in the group, but it's pretty anyway.
Final Results!

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