Sample Society December 2013

Sample Society is one of the best subscription boxes out there. I had cancelled my subscription for a while to try out some others, but I missed it badly and re-subscribed earlier this year. Here is the December box!

December Sample Society

People seem to have a love-hate relationship with Sample Society. Some people hate it because they don't get a ton of sparkly pretties in it every month, although they are pretty generous with the Butter Londons and I even got a really pretty jeweled headband a couple of months back that I would have never purchased, but love to wear.

But other people, including me, love Sample Society because it's only $15 a month (plus tax in some states) and you get deluxe samples of high-end products. A lot of the products are skincare, and I pretty much survive on deluxe samples when it comes to skincare, and rarely have to buy a full-size - which is good, because I can't afford a full size of a lot of this stuff. :) You do get a $15 off $50 on with each Sample Society box, which makes it really worthwhile if you do want to get a full-size product. The coupon is usually good for a couple of months on any order that includes any of the brands sampled that month.
Highlights! Great skin care
I'm not excited about the dry shampoo; I don't use dry shampoo. That's going on my swap board. The Stila lip gloss is OK- not my favorite but I will use it, and still a great value. I'm very excited about the skincare items though- I have had the dermalogica stuff before and it was great. As for the other two, I can always use high-end moisturizers.

Sample Society doesn't really have a referral program, which I think is part of why you don't hear about it as much. I do have a coupon code you can use for, the parent site: if you use coupon code ANGIEK, you can get 20% off your first order on or any of the sites associated with it. It's not good on Sample Society, though, unfortunately! 

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