Purr-Packs Subscription Box for Cats!

There are lots of subscription boxes for dogs, but my cats were getting annoyed that there was nothing for them! Good thing Purr-Packs came along! Purr-Packs graciously sent me this box for review.

My cats helped with this post, and their prime working hour is 11:00 PM, so please forgive the mess! Both Dragon and Jasper helped with the unboxing. Dragon wanted to play with the toys right away.... 
Purr-Packs Unboxing
....but Jasper, as the editor of this blog, insisted on arranging a nice photo of all the items.

This is the medium-sized box, known on the Purr-Packs site as "The Fun & Love Pack." This goes for $49.99, and you can get discounts for buying multiple months at once, making it as low as $39.99 per month for six months. You do seem to need to pay for multiple months up-front. The box contained a nice mix of toys, treats, and useful items for pet owners.

Poco inspects the toys
First, the toys! Poco, my senior kitty (who recently had a haircut) was very excited because of the burlap mice in the package. Burlap mice are his favorite toy. However, he declined to play for the camera, because he has more dignity than that.

There were also some nice rattly balls in the box, which we don't usually buy,  but Dragon loves. Dragon volunteered to show off how to use both of these toys. 

One bit of bad news - there was a toy (not pictured here) that I immediately threw away because it was a plastic mouse toy. I know a lady who lost her kitty because she chewed up a plastic mouse toy and part of it got lodged in the kitty's intestines. My cats have killed about a thousand plastic mice with no problems, but after hearing that story, we don't do plastic toys here any more. The mice above are stuffed burlap toys.

I took a bunch of photos of my kitties enjoying the treats, but they are all a blur because TREATS ARE DELICIOUS and the boys got excited. But suffice it to say- the treats will not go to waste. My boys did make note that the box would have been PURRfect if there had been some high quality catnip included as well.

OK, on to the useful products! I have two Himalayan cats, who naturally have long hair, so I thought I had every cat hairbrush and comb out there, but this one was new to me!
Cat Hairbrush from Purr-Packs
It's double sided, and the side with pins looks a lot like a human hairbrush my mom used to use on her medium-haired tortie. I tried both sides out on all three cats, and brushed Jasper (my flame himmie) for a good long time with the pin side of it. He won't admit it because he is a tough guy, but he was purring and not trying to escape, which is a good sign he liked the brush. This type of brush won't detangle as well as some, and when I tried it on Dragon (my short-haired guy) it did not get as much fur off as a regular cat pin brush. However, it gets tons of points with me because Jasper tolerated it so well, and I am very excited to have this product. I like the wood look of it as well.

The last few items were: 
  • a collar, which we won't use (we don't do collars), but I can donate
  • a double-wide cardboard scratcher with a cute cats-with-glasses-and-mustaches design 
  • a cool thing I have never seen before- a box of litter bags, Quick-Bags from Litterpal. 

Useful Stuff
Quick-Bags are an interesting concept. They come in a small box, you unfold that box into a larger size box, and then there are 32 scented bags inside to hold the litter. I found the bag was about the right size for one day of scooping for three cats. Typically I don't like to buy disposable items like this, but they can be good for really gross jobs. In Seattle, plastic bags are not given away in grocery stores any more, so we are always struggling to find replacements. I think this is a great idea! I would advise you to put the box together with packing tape though- the seal on the box did not hold well.

So... is Purr-Packs worth it?  Quick-Bags can be bought on Amazon for either 11.99 or $29.99 for a three-pack, and putting all the other stuff in my cart at PetCo online, that came to about $45 with shipping (I did not include the item I threw away, which would have been a couple of bucks more). So you are not overpaying if you will use all of these items. If like me, you might not use one or two of the items (in our case, the collar), you're only coming out even if you pay the $49.99 price for one medium-sized box. 

The other value in subscription boxes is convenience and discovering new items. The convenience factor is obvious, and I think Purr-Packs did the trick here. I would have never purchased the hairbrush, but I love it! And I have never seen anything like the Quick-Bags, but it made scooping the litterbox so much easier. The other products included are things we use often, and they are good quality versions of those things.

This post contains affiliate links. Dragon, Jasper and Poco refuse to be slaves to their internet overlords, though, and their review was not affected by the potential for profit.

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