Naturebox Review and Coupon Code

I tried out Naturebox on a Black Friday deal.  You could get your first box of five snacks, which is normally $19.95 for $1.97. It starts a subscription, and my next charge and box will come at the end of the month if I don't cancel, so I have until then to decide.

The deal I got is no longer available, but you can click here to join and use the code PGB4M to get $10 off of your first box.

Naturebox has three options:

PricePackages in boxPrice Per Package

If you choose the 10 or 20 packages to a box options, you still only get five choices, but you get them x2 or x4. However, you can also add-on additional options for $3, $2 or $1. So basically, you can do whatever you want.

So, a little on the pricey side, but let's be honest- we all spend money on vending machine food from time to time and that's pricey AND has zero nutrition. These are "nutritionist approved," whatever that means.

So... here's what I got!

Naturebox Trial Box
The box I got for $1.97 was the $19.95, five-package box. Since it was a trial box, I did not get to choose the items that were in this box, but Naturebox does allow you to choose items in future boxes. You can also choose the option "Surprise me," or choose a mix of items you like and surprises. Overall, the snacks are really good.

My favorite was the Dark Cocoa Almonds. I couldn't stop eating them. So I decided to get those again and hubby and I went through the site together choosing other items. We had a good time choosing all the snacks. We also left a couple of "Surprise Me" options in our order. This is a screenshot of our order - it is the $19.95 box with five add-ons, which will come to $30.95.

Example NatureBox Order

I'll be honest - nowadays I don't do a ton of subscription boxes because I don't want to tie up my money that much every month, and I get a lot of samples to review for my blog. But I am thinking about actually doing this one regularly. I like the idea of getting these healthy-ish snacks in the mail each month, and they were higher quality snacks than I usually buy. It's fun to try different things as well. 

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