Mexican Candy Box December 2013

There are a lot of subscription boxes out there nowadays, and some of them are very unique! I was excited to hear about Mexican Candy Box and even more excited when they generously sent me one to review. 

Everyone knows that Mexicans are geniuses that come up with all the best stuff and could be running the world if they felt like it, but they leave that to the U.S. so they can have more time to enjoy futbol.  So it's no surprise that they also have many varieties of genius candy. 

Mexican Candy Box is just what it says- a box of Mexican candy sent to you each month. There are three sizes ranging in price from $12-20 a month. You can subscribe to a monthly box or just order a one-time box. So basically- tons of options.
Mexican Candy Box
I received the "Solo" size, which is $12 a month. The box came PACKED with candy. The top picture is the box re-packed with candy after I took out the packing materials. There are hardly any packing materials in there- it's just all candy!

Sweet and Spicy
So what's the difference between Mexican and American candy? The sweet candy is not all that different, although the fruity flavors are a bit fruitier than American candy. However, Mexicans make spicy candy as well, and that's where the real genius lies. Mexican Candy Box has flavor options of "Sweet," "Spicy," or "Sweet and Spicy." I received the Sweet and Spicy box, and it came with a list of items and which ones were sweet or spicy. I have really been enjoying the variety of flavors and textures!

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