Mereadesso All-in-One Moisturizer

I was given this All-in-one Moisturizer by Mereadesso to review. It's advertised as a moisturizer, eye cream, tonic and makeup primer all in one. What a relief! I can't be bothered to wear five different products, and frankly I am pretty sure that companies that will sell you all those products separately are just doing it to make more money. Like why can't I just put my moisturizers around my eyes?

I tried this for several days after cleansing, wearing it on its own, and it was a nice light product. It has a really nice scent as well. It's pretty expensive- this size is sold for $120 on Birchbox. The price gives me pause, and I am honestly not sure if I would ever pay that much for any product (although I might spend Birchbox points to bring down the price). I haven't actually worn makeup over it yet, but I can see where it would be a good primer because it is so light and not greasy at all. I'm going to try to wear it consistently for a while to check it out even further and I will update you later on how it works long-term.

All around, an awesome product! I don't typically buy moisturizers that are this expensive, so it was a treat to try it out! 

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