Melmer alert!

Well, It's finally happened. The four shoebox-size clip cases I had my nail polish in got full. Time to upgrade. 

In the nail polish world, there are a couple of storage solutions that a lot of people use. The first is the Helmer, a metal IKEA cabinet with shallow drawers. But to buy IKEA products, one must go to IKEA, which can be a dangerous and draining experience for your energy and your wallet. I wasn't sure I wanted a metal cabinet anyway. 

So after some careful consideration, including reading this very thorough post by Manicurity describing the differences, I went with the second option, the Melmer. The Melmer is a three-drawer stackable storage cube sold at Michaels, the craft store. It's not actually called the Melmer- nail polish addicts call it that because it is Michaels version of the Helmer. If you call Michaels asking for the Melmer, they probably will not know what you are talking about. My experience was if you call them asking for the "Recollections three-drawer cube," which is what it really is, they still won't know what you are talking about! So just go to your local Michaels and check it out.

On Black Friday, Michaels had their Recollections storage cubes on sale for 60% off. They are normally $39.99 per cube, so that made them $15.99 each (I got two). There was an early bird coupon for 25% additional off, and some of the girls in my nail groups online got them for around $13, but I am not an early bird. While you can usually get items at Michaels for 40 or 50% off, this is the best deal of the year and I knew I had to jump. They only had one "Melmer," and that's all I really need, so I also got a four-drawer unit to store some other beauty stuff. 

Melmer and the four-drawer friend.
These items are stackable, and despite the photos, they are the same size cube with just different drawers inside. The Recollections line actually has a lot of different shapes of these units and you could make a whole wall of them if you wanted to. With some advice from my polish friends online, I put the Melmer on the bottom because of its potential weight (drawers full of polish get heavy) and the other one on top and stuck them in the corner of my powder room.
I've been Melmer-ed
There are holes on the top because you can stack them by putting little pegs in the holes and putting the next piece on top. They do provide little flat plastic pegs for the holes, but even with the pegs I thought it would look weird, so I got a $5 placemat from Target to put on top with some other pretty things.

Fancy Melmer
I was thinking about getting something stick-on for the top, but this was really cute and fits the style of my powder room.
Now that I have a Melmer, I am officially a nail polish hoarder! Do you use something like this to store your products? 


  1. I want to see what it looks like inside! Looks like a nice storage unit. Is it plastic?

    1. No, it's that MDF stuff you put together yourself.