eShakti Review and Coupon Code

I've purchased several things from eShakti over the years.  They make tops, skirts and dresses in sizes from 0-36W, as well as custom sizing.

Sometimes it's hard to find cute and unique clothes in plus size, so eShakti is a darling of the plus size fashion community. They manage to make styles that really would look good on all different sizes and body types. I recently got a dress from there and wanted to show it off, plus share my coupon code for $30 off your first order!
eShakti Cherry Blossom Embroidered Dress
The dress I purchased is called Cherry Blossom Embroidered Dress. It's a light woven non-stretch cotton. This shape what eShakti does so well! Generally speaking, the items have a retro look, and there are a lot of dresses with this shape, although there are other shapes and fabrics too.

Neckline Detail
I love, love, LOVE the embroidery on this dress. It's kind of Western, kind of Mexican, but kind of just pretty and not too over the top. One thing to watch out for with eShakti is for some reason the necklines are often very low. This shows a LOT of cleavage on me, but I can wear a camisole underneath, no problem.
The back has a nice detail as well. You can also choose to customize the sleeves on this dress, adding sleeves of different types. Sometimes with eShakti items, I do customize and add sleeves, but in this case I didn't because I see myself wearing this more with a denim jacket or a cute cardi over it.
Hemline Detail
More lovely details. You can opt to remove the embroidery as well, but who would do that?! Then you would just have a plain black dress.

eShakti is so fun to shop because they have so many different options and their dresses are pretty affordable.  If you see something you like, you should pounce on it, because their styles tend to come and go. Conversely, if you are not feeling it one day, check back in a couple of days and see what they have restocked. 

This particular dress's regular price is $69.95 plus shipping, and customizations do cost a bit extra ($7.50 per customization). If you get on their email list, they have coupon codes and deals all the time, and I don't think I have ever paid full price for something on their site. 

A note about eShakti sizing: make sure to compare the measurements and don't just blindly go with the normal size you usually wear in clothes. I tend to need to order one or two sizes up from my norm in eShakti clothes. You can measure yourself or just compare their size chart to a size chart from your favorite store.

Finally, if you have never ordered from eShakti before, you can use my code KRITENNZWH to get $30 off your first order! It only works for first time customers.

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