Craft Beer Club Review

I'm not afraid of a good beer, and I live in the Pacific Northwest, where craft beers are prevalent. So I was curious about Craft Beer Club, a monthly service that sends you a dozen beers, three each of four different flavors. Craft Beer Club generously sent me this box to review.

There are several options for subscriptions. You can just opt for one month, or you can get up to 12 months, or "ongoing until I cancel." Depending on the number of months you buy, you can get some free add-ons to your first box. If you get twelve months, or "ongoing until I cancel," you get all the free gifts, which include a bottle opener, four tasting glasses and four packages of snack mix. That's the box that I got.
Craft Beer Club Unboxing

I always get a little nervous when stuff like beer or wine is being shipped- will it arrive intact? This was packed very nicely and everything was firmly in place.
Free gifts with purchase
First, the free gifts with purchase were very good quality! The bottle opener is small and fits nicely in my hand. It seems like it will last for a long time. The little glasses are big enough to get a nice taste out of them. It would be fun to use this if you had a tasting party with friends. And the snacks were delicious! Sometimes snack mixes like that are kind of dry and bland, but these were fresh tasting and had good flavor.

And now for the most important part! The beer!
Craft Beer Club sends you two flavors each from two breweries. They send a nice page of info about each brewery and the back of the page has a recipe you can use the beer in. The website has recipes as well. Like I am going to waste good beer by putting it in food! Yeah, right! But if you like cooking with beer, the site is a good resource.

This box contained Hale's Ales, from Seattle, and Newport Storm Brewery, from Newport, Rhode Island. I've had Hale's Ales many times since I live in Seattle, and they are always good. The Newport Storm Brewery beers were really nice as well. It was fun to try out the beers 

Overall, the beer in this box was really good quality, but in some ways it was kind of ironic that I got a national box shipped to me from another state with a beer from Seattle in it. Craft Beer Club has a page with recently featured beers, and a third of them are from Washington or Oregon. I literally live across the street from a bar that has a rotating tap of 10+ Pacific Northwest craft beers on a daily basis, and can walk four blocks to get to another one with a somewhat different menu, and they are both pouring Hale's right now. The box costs $37.75 a month, with some discounts for longer subscriptions.

I was on the fence about the cost until I realized that if I went to the bar and spent that much, I certainly wouldn't get a dozen beers, and even though I can buy lots of PNW beers at my neighborhood grocery store, I can't get Hale's there, and I certainly can't get beers from Rhode Island. Even though craft beer is widely available nowadays, the convenience factor of having the beers chosen for you along with the information the website provides might be nice for someone who wants to learn more about craft beer. So if you have a dearth of craft beers in your area, or if you are an aspiring beer nerd, Craft Beer Club would be a great option to try out some excellent beers.

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