Three Blues - Jelly Glitter Stampwich

The Adventures in Stamping challenge this week was "Mani Using Three Blues." Last week's challenge was a jelly stampwich, and I didn't have any proper jellies last week, so I did a stampwich with a sheer, but I wanted to try the real thing! So I got a full set of L'oreal Miss Candy jellies to try out. And to kick it up one more notch and get that third blue in there, I did the stamping over a base of a glitter sandwich! Yeah, I am killing it this week. 

Three Blues
My three blues were:
  • L'oreal Miss Pixie (a jelly, part of the Miss Candy line)
  • Nails Inc Sloane Gardens (glitter, not the best glitter on the planet)
  • American Apparel Passport Blue (which I got on eBay since I would never in one million years give a dollar to the evil person who runs that company)
Just to give you an idea, here is what one coat of Miss Pixie looks like. Jellies are sheer, which makes them work great for layering.
One Coat of Miss Pixie
The sandwich layers go like this:
  1. Miss Pixie
  2. Sloane Gardens
  3. Miss Pixie
  4. Passport Blue (stamped with Messy Mansion MM13)
  5. Miss Pixie
Then a top coat. And here is the result!

Jelly Glitter Stampwich with Three Blues
This mani looks really cool from different angles too because of the layers of jelly and glitter.
Different Angles

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