Sunday Nail Art Stamping Challenge

Today's challenge in the Adventures in Stamping group was "plates ending in one." I decided to do a simple manicure since I am busy with some other stuff. I used:

  • ORLY Harmonious Mess
  • Julep Millie
  • Mash Nails plate 41

The Gear!
First, start with a base of ORLY Harmonious Mess. This is a really pretty periwinkle color. By the way, you can tell by my closeups that my nails are not in the best condition. I am taking vitamins to help, but for now they look a little messy. That's part of why I like stamping- it distracts from the uneven surface of my nails.

ORLY Harmonious Mess
ORLY Harmonious Mess
Next, I stamped with Julep Millie. I find Julep cremes are amazing for stamping. I used my XL Squishy Stamper for this one since it seems to work better for fine designs like this. 
Julep Millie
Last, I let it dry completely then topped it with a layer of Essie Good to Go top coat. Top coat helps preserve your manicure longer, and with stamped manis, it also helps smooth out the texture. It's important to wait for it to dry before applying top coat, though, or you can smear your mani! After the photos, I apply cuticle oil and hand cream too, but it's hard to maneuver my phone and take photos with that stuff on, and it makes your fingers shiny in the photo.

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