Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil and discount code!

I was sent a couple of small samples of Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil to review.  This is another product I found on OpenSky, and you can also order it from their own website. Coconut oil has a lot of buzz around it right now. You can use it to cook with, as a body product, and maybe a million other uses I am not aware of. It seems to always come from Asia. This company gets their coconut oil from Vietnam. I don't know enough about coconut oil to make any health claims about its benefits, but I am sure you can easily Google them.

The samples I got were tiny, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to cook with them and get any understanding of their effectiveness, so I decided to use mine as a body product.

Tiny Sample!

I needed to do a manicure (mani details here), so I decided to incorporate them into that. Your hands get pretty dry if you are doing manis all the time like I do. I have heard before that you can make a scrub from coconut oil and sugar, so I took one of the tiny containers and added a bunch of sugar, and rubbed the stuff all over my hands after removing my nail polish. It felt pretty good, and moisturized my hands, although since there was no soap or cleanser it was a little difficult to rinse off.

I used the other container of pure coconut oil as a cuticle balm after my manicure. That worked like a charm! It was a little easier to work with than normal cuticle oil because it is solid in the jar and doesn't drip, but it was nicer than a normal balm because it just kind of melted into your skin. I think we have a winner here! 

Look at my nice, moisturized hands!
And now for the discount! Skinny & Co. shared the discount code "coconutheaven" for 25% off your order, and if you buy two jars they offer free shipping.

There are a lot of coconut oils on the market, and Skinny & Co. claims to be more pure than the others out there as well as being "100% raw." I'm not sure how to interpret this, but on their website you can see some photos of what happens when they melt in the sun along with some others - theirs is clear while others are cloudy. I'm going to be honest here- I don't know enough to say whether this brand is better than other brands, but I was impressed with its effectiveness as a cuticle balm, and cuticle oils and balms are sometimes quite expensive, so this would be a good alternative. 

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