Scoutmob - Vinca USA review

I heard about this new-ish shopping site, Scoutmob, and of course I had to check it out. I signed up for an account and poked around a little without buying anything. But then lo and behold, one day they sent me a $10 credit in email*. So I had to get something!

These cute pink earrings in the shape of the state of Texas from Vinca USA jumped out at me. The shipping was SUPER fast- I got them within a few days of placing  my order, and it seems that can be attributed to Vinca, as the shipment seemed to come directly from them. With my credit and a 15% off discount Scoutmob was offering to anyone when you visit the site, they only cost me about $5, including shipping. I love kitschy jewelry and will probably seek out this vendor again.

I've spent very little time in Texas, and it was mostly at airports or giant mall/convention centers. But I did spend Halloween 2003 in the gay district of Houston, and it was the best Halloween EVAHHH. So I will wear my pink Texas earrings with pride.

Scoutmob, whose catchphrase is "inspired goods by independent makers," is a site that lets small sellers get their stuff out there, similar to Etsy, but with a kind of more hip twist. It's a bit less crafty and more focused than Etsy. They also have a mobile app and a "local" section for several cities, and Seattle is one of them. There are a few mobile deals in the "local" section, like 50% off of your ticket at a restaurant. It also shows you which items for sale in the shop (which they call "shoppe") are from your area. Shopping local online always strikes me as a bit ironic, but nowadays a lot of indie merchants only sell online, or in some hipster store in a far off hipster neighborhood to which I have to drive and pay to park and encounter hipsters and get cranky, so online is just great for me. :) 

*this was a credit I received as a customer, not a blogger. This product was purchased with my own money.

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