Rainbow Honey mani

When you think of nail polish, what brands do you think of? China Glaze? O.P.I? The drugstore favorite Sally Hansen? 

When I first got interested in nail polish and started learning more about it, I was shocked to find out how many brands there really are out there. There are fairly big brands that people outside of the nail polish world hardly hear of, like Zoya or Julep, all the way down to people hand mixing small batches of polish and selling it on Etsy! 

There are lots of brands that fall into the "Indie" category, and it's hard for me to define what that means, so I will leave that to some other blogger. But one indie brand that caught my eye from the get-go was Rainbow Honey. I'll admit their cute packaging was a big part of the appeal! But they, like many indies, often have unique glitters and fun colors that you can't find in the typical beauty supply store. 

I had the chance to get some Rainbow Honeys in a swap a while back, and haven't use them until now! I got Confetti, which apparently came in a Fancy box, and Xoxo. Confetti is a sheer white with multi-color and multi-size glitter, and Xoxo is a clear polish with red glitter. 
Confetti, xoxo, Essie Marshmallow
I started with one coat Essie Marshmallow, a white that is sort of sheer in the way Essies always are. I wanted a white base since the Confetti is also sort of sheer. I then did two coats Rainbow Honey confetti and one coat of Rainbow Honey xoxo. I feel like my hands are having a party! 
Rainbow Honey Mani

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