My Cup of Cake review

You know those recipes for chocolate cake in a mug that are always floating around? Pinterest is rife with them (but don't look now or you will never come back... I will link at the end of the post). Well, I don't know about you, but I have always been too lazy to mix one up. Good thing for lazy people like me that this small company, A Sprinkle and a Dash, has come up with a pre-packaged mug cake. 


I originally saw My Cup of Cake on OpenSky, but you can also go directly to A Sprinkle and a Dash's site to check out their product line, which includes a few flavors of the "My Cup of Cake" along with some party packs and refills. A Sprinkle and A Dash sent me the "Classic Belgian Chocolate" flavor to review. 
Unboxing My Cup of Cake
The individual price of one "My Cup of Cake" is about $23-24, depending on flavor and which site you buy it on. They also have a Mini version that comes in a jar. At that price, I would consider this more of a gift item than something I would buy for myself. Their site is set up for taking corporate gift orders, and will put a custom logo that you provide on the mug with a minimum order of 72. The packaging is really cute, and inside the box is everything you need except something to stir with. It would have been nice if they had included a little stir stick, but most homes and offices will have something to stir with (I used a chopstick).

The instructions are clear enough and the cake was easy to bake in the microwave. You are instructed to watch the cake bake in case of overflow, so as I watched it I imagined some bridal shower somewhere where these were given as party favors and then all the girls spent a half hour pretending they are "oh so decadent," and they could never eat it all, and then going home and nuking the thing and eating it up in front of the TV in five minutes. (Elaborate, I know, but I had two minutes and twenty seconds to think up this fantasy).

Easy prep
I took a look at mine when it came out and thought it probably could have used about 10-15 more seconds, but I was afraid of it possibly blowing up in the microwave or something, so I just dug in with my husband. It wasn't fully cooked, but not in an unpleasant way- the bottom was a bit gooey, but since it was a mix without any raw ingredients, I went ahead and ate it. He ate a few bites and said it was more of a brownie than a cake, but I'm not clear on how that's a negative? ;) He's not a big sweets person, so he left the rest for me and I finished most of it. This is probably an ideal serving for two people, or one person with PMS.

The chocolate flavor of this was SOOOOO good. Really rich and yummy, especially for a boxed mix. The mug is a nice diner mug and I am sure it will get lots of use. Honestly, the price is a deterrent from me purchasing it myself very often, but I do think this would make a really nice gift as a "thank you" gift in the office, party favor, or one of those things your auntie hands out to everyone at Christmastime.

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