Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads

I try to take super good care of my skin, but as I get older, I notice changes in the skin on my face, especially around my eyes. So I was excited to try out these Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads. These were sent to me by the company to review.

The Eye treatment pads come in a box, twelve treatments to the box for $45. Inside the box they are packaged two to a foil pack each. 

This is a nice way to package them so that the ones you aren't using right away don't dry out. I can't tell you how many different little pads and wipes I have purchased over the years that have some kind of solution in them that come in a canister or a package and they dry out by the time you get to the bottom! So yay for packaging.

You use these by taking them out of the package and sticking them under your eyes. 

Product Testing in Action
Excuse my Sunday afternoon lack of grooming!

You leave them on for 10-30 minutes and then take them off. I only left them on for 10 minutes because I get antsy, and because I could feel the acidic stuff in them starting to work and didn't want to take any chances on redness around my eyes. My skin is not particularly sensitive, but you never know when you are dealing with the eyes. They stayed on nicely until I wanted to peel them off, which is a plus.

OK, so did it work? Exuviance says the pads will "Firm and hydrate the eye area while stimulating cell renewal and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles with Lactobionic Acid and Pro-Vitamins A, C and E." OK! I do think my skin around my eyes feels pretty firm after using these. I don't typically have bags around my eyes, but sometimes I get shadows, and these did seem to firm up the skin around my eyes. I'm torn about these because the price is on the high side, but since they are individually packaged at least you will be able to use them all and not lose half of them to drying out from poor packaging.

Have you ever tried something like this? What do you think?

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