Besame Cosmetics Review

Besame Cosmetics focuses on classic, retro beauty looks, aiming to bring "artistry and romance back to the cosmetics industry." Their founder, Gabriela Hernandez, is the best advertisement for the product with her pretty retro look. Check out this video of her talking about their collaboration with the film "The Artist."

They provided me with products to review, and I got to choose the products, so I chose a lipstick and a powder. I had an ulterior motive in choosing the powder- I have been searching for a good powder for some time and have not been happy with the ones I have tried so far. Besame's is a "Brightening Violet Powder," which sounded intriguing. The packaging is so lovely- I really don't want to throw away the pretty box. When you open the outer lid of the box, there is a cute little message inside before getting to the actual product.

Besame Cosmetics Violet Brightening Powder
Besame's Lovely Packaging!
Even though the packaging has a retro feel, with the loose powder in a round container and a fluffy pad to apply it, it has a modern convenience of the plastic top inside the tin that keeps the powder from going everywhere. I ended up taking off the top to apply the powder because I didn't think much was coming through the holes, but I am glad it's there for storage.

I have a soft spot in my heart for products like this because one of the first beauty products I owned was a round powder tin with a big puff. I'm not old enough to remember the times when this was first made- mine was probably made in the early 1980s during the 50's revival that was happening then. But it still feels really special and feminine to me.

My second item was a lipstick- no retro look is complete without a strong red lip. Besame Cosmetics has their own signature red, but I chose Red Velvet because it had a bit of a burgundy tone that suits me better. I don't typically wear strong red lips like this, but sometimes I do a sort of quasi-retro look so I thought it would be fun to try it out.

The packaging on this item is beautiful as well. The bullet lipstick, inspired by the founder's grandmother's 1940s lipsticks, comes inside a velvet bag in a box.

Pretty 1940's inspired Besame lipstick
Both of these items would make lovely gifts since the packaging is just as pretty as the product inside, especially if you have a retro-glam girl in your life.

I tried both products in a look with no other makeup. I just put on some all-in-one moisturizer, which I am testing for another post, and then put on the lipstick and the powder. I was curious about the powder because it really is violet in color! When you first put it on, it does look violet, but smoothing it out gives a nice brightening look that blends with your skin tone. My skin is naturally quite pale. 

I'm a supermodel
Wow, I really like this powder! I've tried several recently and they tend to settle in my skin and show the little lines that are starting to form now that I am 40. This powder does not- it's very light; almost translucent. Sometimes I use highlighting powders, but an issue I have with them normally is that they are usually also shimmers, which is fine if you are feeling shimmery that day, but with a retro look you really want a matte finish. 

The lipstick is pretty good too. It's not particularly moisturizing, but it's not drying either. I have dark lipsticks that are moisturizing, but they then tend to bleed outside of your lips. It's lightweight and just simply adds color to your lips. I'm a bit of a lip product junkie, and I think I have lipsticks I like the formula of better overall, but this one is high on the list. If I were buying a lipstick for a retro girl or for a gift, I would seriously consider Besame Cosmetics.
Guess what! This post contains affiliate links and ads for Besame Cosmetics. However, I was not paid for my opinions and they are my own. 


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