Thursday Night Mani Fatigue.

Do you ever get manicure fatigue? My super cute LAQA&Co. mani was finally chipping after a record five days. Should I do a super fancy stamping mani? Should I do some fun colors and glitters that I got in my nail mail this week? As I remove the chipped polish, out of the corner of my eye I see this very humble Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect polish that I got on eBay a couple weeks ago. Have you tried this line?

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect might be discontinued at this point,  but it's one of my favorite, favorite drugstore lines of polish that has ever been made. There's a series of eight colors that I know of, and they are all slightly sheer nudes or pastels. They really do smooth out nicely on your nails.  Just the palate cleanser I needed.

Here's Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect 02- Linen. Two coats, no base or top coat, and now if you don't mind, it's time for Angie to zone out on the couch and watch some trashy TV. Ahhh, Thursday.

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