Obliphica Professional Nourishing Hair Products

Last month, I reviewed the "Treatment" line of Hairkop Obliphica products. They also sent me the "Nourishing" line of products, and tried them out this month.

Before I get started on this review, I also wanted to note that I gave the Treatment line's "Multi-Task Styling Cream" to an African-American friend with chemically straightened, but still very coarse and textured hair, and she LOVED it. So my instincts were correct that it just wasn't for someone with fine hair like mine.

Nourishing comes in purple. The orange lid is just because hubby broke one of the purple pumps.
There really was not a huge difference in the products- the ones I liked in the Treatment line, I also liked in the Nourishing line. I really love the hair mask, the shampoo and conditioner are fine, the serum is OK, and the Leave-In Moisturizing cream is still not for me with my fine, straight hair.

The Nourishing line seems to be slightly lighter in some way than the Treatment line, with slightly less fabulous results in the daily use of the shampoo and conditioner, but overall they are still really good quality and fabulous-smelling products. When the test was over, hubby switched out the Nourishing line for the Treatment line in the shower, but it's not like we're throwing away the Nourishing. I'll happily use them up, and if he doesn't want to, he can use something else.

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