Nails Inc.

I had a Wrapp "gift card" for Sephora, and as I have mentioned before, I find the best deals at my local Penney's Sephora. So I headed over there with my $5 "gift card," which was really a free coupon sent to me by a friend via Wrapp.

Nails Inc. Clearance!
They had a ton of Nails Inc. on clearance, which was super exciting to me because I have never tried that brand before and it's not super cheap. It's not the most expensive brand out there, but full price at Sephora, it's selling online for about $9.50-11 for a full size, up to $16 for a full size of magnetic polish. They had tons of full size magnetics on sale half off, as well as a big variety of other stuff. 
My purchases
They had some really cute nail art sets, but I ended up getting this set of minis and a nail tool that was also on sale. Since they were clearance items, the total for both was $11 and change after my Wrapp discount. I've seen 6-packs of Nails Inc. minis selling for about $25, so I am excited. I love minis so much because I get to try out several different colors. And who uses up a whole full sized bottle of nail polish? I don't know that I ever have.

I heart minis!
My powder room doesn't have the best lighting for color, but the colors are: a frosty neutral, a muted plum, red, deep wine color, deep teal, and blue glitter. They all have cute London-oriented names, but unfortunately they are so tiny, I can't read the names. I have to set up my camera to HD and zoom in to read them. :) So I might do that and come back later with the answers, but for now just know this is the Autumn/Winter Collection, and you can click the affiliate link there to see more true color on Amazon.

I chose the deep wine color (Richmond Terrace) for my mani, and am very happy with the results. I use a base and top coat as well, and this mani is with two coats of the color. I probably could have gotten away with one coat of this color- it went on smooth and opaque enough. However, my nails are sort of damaged around the tips, so always I layer on base coat, two coats of color, and a very thick top coat to even it all out.

Better lighting in the hallway

It went on easy and looks pretty, but I don't know that the colors are all that unique. The colors in this set were pretty much representative of the trendy colors for fall, so if you haven't purchased much for fall, this might be a good option if you can find it on clearance. There are polishes out there in the same price range that I like the formula better (China Glaze springs to mind). Based on the results, I would definitely buy Nails Inc. again if I saw a unique color, a pack of trendy minis, or a good deal, but it won't become my go-to brand any time soon. 

Have you tried Nails Inc. polishes? Let me know in the comments!

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