My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret

Okay, if you title your product with the word "Amazing" in the title, it better be amazing. I received some My Amazing Blow Dry Secret products from the company to review: shampoo, conditioner, and Quick Dry Shake N Spray.

As has been previously discussed, I have straight, fine hair, so a lot of products just don't work for me. If I blow dry my hair with many products, it just looks greasy or flat. I tested this product in the last week before I got my hair cut, so my hair was on the longer side, and that's usually the time when its really dragging a lot.

I'm not sure if the shampoo or conditioner are what's working so well for me, or just the spray, but this Quick Dry Shake N Spray stuff is crazy good! My hair was actually bouncy! My hair is never bouncy. SIGN ME UP!

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