LAQA&CO. Lip and Nail Products

I was sent some LAQA&Co. products to review by the company. They make lip and nail products and just started a Color of the Month Club that includes one polish along with some polish remover pads. The company sent me a representative from each category. I received a lip pencil, a nail polish, a nail polish pen and a package of polish remover pads. I'll list the colors below.
Priceless packaging!
First, LAQA&Co. has really nice packaging. They do collaborations with artists every month. The packaging is really special and makes this a standout product. They also sell gift boxes and gift cards with artwork on them. I would love to bring this to a girlfriend's birthday party as a pretty little gift. I also really like that they highlight the artists on their website - good design and good art should be celebrated.

Now for the products. The containers of the products, like the packaging, are really nice.  

Love the containers, too
Unlike some lip pencils, this one does not need to be sharpened- instead you can just extend it by screwing the bottom of the base, like a lipstick. The nail polish bottles are thinner, like Julep bottles, and so they have slightly less polish in them than a normal full-sized nail polish. However, if you have a large collection like I do (cough, cough, nail polish hoarder), this shape works well because they are much easier to store. And let's get real -- who uses a full bottle of nail polish? Not this hoarder. Nail polish remover pads are very convenient, and these come in a little screw-closed plastic container. Last, the polish pen seems like a convenient way to carry polish in your purse- more on that in a minute.

But what's packaging worth if the products don't stand up? Luckily, these do.

First off, I tried the nail polish. They sent me Chubs, a pretty gold metallic. It's comparable to good brands like China Glaze or Julep. I can't say it was any better than those, but it's definitely in that category.

Next, the nail polish pen. OK. I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with it. Was it for nail art? These are on Birchbox right now and they claim you should use them for dotting, half moons or french manis. Well, admittedly I am not that great at freehand nail art, but I don't see these working for that. I started trying to do those things and just ended up with a mess. Nail art brushes are typically more delicate than the brush on these pens, and since the polish flows through the pen, it's hard to finely control the amount of polish that comes out.

Umm, nail art pen? Not for Angie.
However, reading LAQA&Co's site, they seem to have developed the pen for convenience and full manis. That's better! I can handle that. Here's a full hand in Bounty Hunter.

That's better. Bounty Hunter
I'm pretty excited about this nail polish pen concept. You just click the top (the part that shows pink on the container) and the polish comes out the brush on the end. It dries quickly and looks pretty. I did top mine with a quick dry top coat, but you probably wouldn't have to. 

Have you ever had plans after work and suddenly you get your hands caught in a big mess of packing tape and ripped off half of your mani? No? Um ... me neither. But if that hypothetically WERE to happen, it would be nice to have the little pack of polish remover pads and this pen in your purse to freshen up your mani before going out. The only downside is the price- at $14 for less than 2 oz. of polish, these aren't cheap, but convenience never is. 

Last, I tried the lip pencil in Fairyblood. 

LAQA&Co Fairyblood
This is a very subtle product, just adding a bit of peach and a shimmer. There is no moisturizing or any gloss, but I like that type of product. I don't like shiny lip gloss, and you can always apply lip balm beforehand if you want moisture. Some people might not like it though because it is a bit on the dry side.

Overall, the products themselves are comparable to other brands in the same price range.  The packaging puts them over the top, both for collectors and for gifting. I'm seriously considering doing the Color of the Month club. 

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