Infinity Scarf from a T-shirt

Infinity scarves are hot right now. I've seen them selling for anywhere from $10-50 and up. But did you know you can make one from a t-shirt?

My husband had some super soft t-shirts I got for him on clearance from Target, but he never really wore and they ended up in the Goodwill pile. I saw a gray knit infinity scarf I liked at H&M, and even though H&M is pretty cheap, I had seen this technique online and thought I could make it work.

Chop the bottom off of super-soft t-shirt

Wrap the fabric around your neck.
So simple!! If you have fabric that is going to fray, you would want to hem around the cut side, but with this type of knit, I am not worried about that. I could imagine doing this with skirts too. I have an infinity scarf I got from H&m and it seems just like a skirt without a waistband.

Have you ever tried this? Let me know in the comments!

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