Gotta love Craigslist!

Hubby needed a new dresser. I got him one on Craigslist a couple of years ago, and it was a pressboard self-assemble one that started falling apart under daily use.  I can probably fix it, but I wanted something sturdier for him.

All-wood dressers are SOOO expensive nowadays, and he's really into vintage and men's grooming, so when I saw this item on Craigslist, I knew he had to have it. It was listed for only $40! The listing said they were the original owners and have had it since the 70's, but it looks like a 1930's piece. It's made completely of wood and has a little armoire section on the left (open in picture). 

Hubby with his new dresser. He put his suits in the armoire part.
One cool little feature of this item is that in the door of the armoire, it has this tie rack and "style chart" telling the man which colors he can wear with which.
Get it together, man!
Such a cool piece. I can't believe we got it for $40! It has quite the patina from being used over the years, but it's very solid. We just cleaned it off with some wood cleaner containing orange oil because hubby is fine with the patina. Right now it has to live inside the walk-in closet in our bedroom because there's really no room for it anywhere else, but if we ever have a situation where we can have it out in the bedroom, I might look into cleaning it up a little more and making that wood really glow.

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  1. That is a really cool the tie rack and sign above it. Great find!