Dollar Shave Club Review

My hubby is into shaving stuff big time, so I got this box to review from Dollar Shave Club. Their service offers three plans - for $1, $6 or $9 a month you get a pack of replacement razor blades of varying types. The differences seem to be in the number of blades included in the razor head. You get a handle your first month or any month you upgrade or downgrade. They also have a couple of add-on products, Shave Butter and "One Wipe Charlies," which are bathroom wipes. The company sent me a selection of products to review, including the $6 blades, a handle, the shave butter and the wipes.
A little of everything
At $6 for a four-pack, these blades are a great deal. Comparing that to the Gillette Mach3, which is what hubby normally uses - these are $1.50 each, and the prices listed online for Mach3 replacement blades run anywhere from about $2.40-3 per replacement head. These actually have four blades, and those little buffer stripes on both sides. But a good deal is only a good deal if they work, so I assigned hubby to a test run.
Results vary per product.
First, the razor itself. He loves the handle, saying it has a firm grip and he likes the "sporty" style. He did wonder how long it would last, as he has ordered handles from other brands in the past and had them break after just a few uses. Only time will tell on that one, but for now, it's a plus! 
Hubby likes the shaver itself.
Second, the blades are a big win! He said they are comparable to the Mach3 blades, with a slight edge going to the Dollar Shave Club blades for giving a closer shave. His one concern would be that if you get four a month, for him they might pile up. He wears a beard and so he doesn't shave his whole face every day, only his neck. He's been able to get about three weeks of use out of each Mach3 replacement head, but he said he might have replaced them a little more frequently if they weren't as expensive. I reached out to Dollar Shave Club about this and they said there is an option to only get the blades every other month, which sounds perfect.

Overall, he said he would definitely switch to these blades. I think we'll wait until he uses up the blades we have here, since we bought some Mach3 ones not too long ago, but then I will probably go ahead and sign him up since the price is so much better. I might consider signing myself up for the $1 a month (really $3 a month since they do charge shipping on those) dual blade ones, as I go through a lot of razors shaving my legs and it gets costly.

As for the Shave Butter, that wasn't as successful for him. He said it worked fine, but he tends to like using thicker shave creams or else just soap and water. He's tried several shave creams or butters from Birchbox Man and this one fell somewhere in the middle, although he did note that it was better than a much more expensive one he's tried. He felt this product wasn't "foaming" enough for him, so maybe shave butters are not his thing. He also felt it required more cleanup than basic soap and water. It's definitely a good deal though, if you don't mind the lack of foam.  If he's not going to use it, I'm probably going to steal it to shave my legs with, and I will let you know what I think in a follow-up post.

Last- bathroom wipes, I can't get him to comment on them, go figure. :) But I will say that we typically do buy bathroom wipes of some kind on a regular basis, they get used by both of us, and I am sure these will be used. I tried them out and they are just fine! I have gotten the impression from him that it's better for guys to get personal grooming products in the mail rather than go and openly buy them in the store, so if you are one of those guys, definitely consider these wipes. They are comparable in price to the ones found at the store, and you can watch this amusing video that tells you more about them:

Overall, I am impressed with this company. The prices are great and the marketing videos are amusing in a way that makes you think the company's owner really cares about this market and knows what he is doing. They are hip without being hipster, and the product quality and price back up the cute videos and modern vibe of their marketing.

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