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Cate & Chloe sent me a sample of their VIP subscription service to review. Cate & Chloe's VIP membership costs $39.99 a month and promises $200 in jewelry. You also get 20% off of their other items as well as free shipping via a code they send with the boxes.

They promise at least one pre-release item a month, and the site is currently saying if you sign up now you get a bonus item. I'm not sure what the bonus item is or whether it's the same for everyone- I didn't get one in my sample box. This service is unique in that they send the two pieces at two different times, so you are getting two shipments a month. That part sounds kind of fun to me because I tend to get a lot of sub boxes, grab the first thing that catches my eye, and shove the others off to the side.

I liked the packaging the box came in. There was a pretty bow tied with the ribbon, which of course I tore off before I could remember to take a photo. The little tan box with the bow is where the jewelry is. One of the fun things about subscription boxes is sending yourself a little present each month, and this does seem like a little gift! And it would be nice to hold on to these boxes for future gift-giving.

Cate & Chloe Info Card
There is also a pretty info card inside with all the info about the subscription as well as your free shipping code for future purchases. I like this type of thing because I can quickly forget what I signed up for and what exactly I am supposed to be getting, hehe.

Finally, the jewelry item!
Cate and Chloe Tallulah "Abundance" Drop necklace
The item in my sample box was this pretty, delicate necklace. It seems to be the Tallulah "Abundance" Drop Necklace, which is listed for a retail value of $120. I posted a photo of it on Facebook, and a friend said "Wow, that's the first thing from a jewelry subscription service that I would actually wear." A lot of jewelry sub boxes out there have more trendy and funky jewelry, and Cate & Chloe's jewelry is more traditional girly-girl. I admit I like the funky and trendy stuff a little more, but if you are more into the traditional girly-girl jewelry, this service would be really fun. The necklace is quite delicate and pretty.

I would be skeptical to find out this necklace is actually worth $120. However, there have always been lots of jewelry sellers and sites that list higher retail value than anyone ever pays because they are always offering coupons and sales. When I was in high school, I worked in a department store where occasionally they would run a big ad "All Jewelry 70% off!" and people would come running in the door, but what they didn't know was that all jewelry was always 60% off. I wouldn't be surprised if Cate & Chloe has discounts on their retail prices quite frequently. Right now there is an additional 20% off sale items, and I noticed quite a few pieces in the sale section for $25.

But bottom line, even if I question the "retail value" of the items, for the value of the $39.99 subscription, I think it's a good value for girls who like traditional girly-girl jewelry.

 I received this for free from the company to review, and there are affiliate links in this article. Nevertheless, the opinions are my own. :)

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