Sephora Mini-Haul!

I had a nice little haul at Sephora this weekend. For some reason,  my Penney's Sephora always has better sales than the regular Sephora, and the Sephora closest to me has the bitchiest sales girls, so I tend to hit up the Penneys.
This time I wasn't disappointed! I found the Illamasqua Speckle polish in lavender on sale for $8, and the Kat Von D True Romance in Helmut for 11.99. Both of these items are still sold on Sephora's site for full price! ($17 and $24 respectively) After a 25% off sale and a Groupon I had, my total was $6.40! That's $11.40 counting the cost of the Groupon. 72% off!
Both products apply like a dream and look great. I'm excited to try Kat Von D makeup, and I had coveted the Illamasqua polish when it came out, but didn't want to spend the $$. So it's a win-win, and I feel very fancy today!

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  1. Love that nail polish! so pretty with the speckles!