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My approach to my hair is this: get a good haircut on a regular basis, wash it every day with some good shampoo and conditioner, and pretty much that's all I do. Sometimes I do dry it with a hot air brush, but most days I just let it dry and go.

This low-maintenance strategy relies heavily on having a good foundation. Any time I try to cheap out and get some low-cost shampoo, it always bites back with hellish bad hair days. So when I was offered a chance to try Obliphica Professional, a line of salon hair products, I was pretty excited. These products were sent to me by the company to review. I received a whole line of products, and actually can't even review them all in one post, so I will save the other half of the line for another day.

These products are using a new ingredient I keep hearing about, the Sea Buckthorn Berry. Their promo materials say it has a bunch of different vitamins, oils, etc that keep your hair healthy and moisturized. So I was excited to try the products seeing as how my hair routine basically relies on having healthy hair without a lot of effort. As it turns out, some of these products were better than others for my hair type.

First, the basics-I know people say not to wash your hair every day, but I feel gross if I don't. So having a shampoo and conditioner that somehow DO moisturize but DON'T build up is very important. I'm happy to report the "Treatment" Shampoo and Conditioner were perfect! I have been using them daily for two weeks now and my hair feels soft, great, amazing. It works wonderfully for my hair.

Bonus: Nearsighted me can tell the difference in the products in the shower without my glasses because of the packaging.
My favorite product of the whole bunch that I have tried so far is the Treatment Hair Mask. I love hair masks because it seems like a luxury to give yourself this extra treatment once a week or so. This one is super creamy and moisturizing, and still rinses out and leaves my hair clean and soft. These being professional salon quality products, they are not cheap, and if I had to choose from one product in the whole line to purchase myself forever, it would be this mask.

You'll pry it out of my cold, dead hands
The rest of the products were not quite as successful for me, but that's probably because of my hair type. My hair is straight, fine, and natural. I don't dye or process it in any way, and I don't have any gray. (OK, I have one or two grays, but not many). So it's important that any product be lightweight and not TOO moisturizing.
my head
I was given this hair serum and a finishing spray to promote shine. I found that they were OK in my hair- they didn't weigh it down, surprisingly, and they smell AMAZING, like all the products in this line. But for my hair type, they just weren't necessary. The day I wore the serum, I woke up the next morning with my hair feeling a little lanky and over-moisturized. For me this is not an issue since I wash my hair daily, but for some it might be. I think these products are really intended for people with coarser or curlier hair than mine.
Fine but not necessary for my hair type
The last couple of products in the "Treatment" line didn't work for me at all. One was a leave-in conditioner, which I rarely need. I do use a leave-in conditioner occasionally, but it needs to be very lightweight, like the serum above. This one was creamy and just weighed my hair down. The other was a styling cream that had a similar effect. I did reach out to the company about these and was told that they really are for people with coarser or curlier hair, so I will probably gift these to someone else with that hair type. 
Negative results for my hair type. Supposed to be more for coarse, curly or damaged hair.
Overall, I am very pleased with this line of Obliphica Professional products. They are considered high-end products, and so they are not cheap, but for me the ones that worked are definitely worth the price. Even though a few of the products did not work out, I'm taking the hair mask to the grave with me (unless the Intensive line, which I am going to test next, is even better)!

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