Feedly vs. Bloglovin' vs. ?

Since the demise of Google Reader, I've been using Feedly as my reader, more or less because it was the path of least resistance. Feedly had always been based on Google Reader, and the two teams worked together to transition the backend over to Feedly, apparently. Feedly works well in Chrome and on my Android phone, so I've been using it without a lot of thought since the transition.

But lately they started advertising Feedly Pro, their new pay service that gets you upgraded features. One of the features is search- I hadn't really noticed that I couldn't search before, but I did used to use the Google Reader search function sometimes. So, I tried to search, and it didn't work. It just took me to a page advertising Feedly Pro! 

Feedly Pro Logo
No Search for you, bitches!

Um, OK? Seems like a bit of a bait and switch to me. I actually do like Feedly better than I liked Google Reader in some ways. Google Reader had a very basic interface and Feedly does have some neat features where you can organize the feeds in different views. I'm not afraid to pay for a service that's useful; I don't fall into the "everything on the internet needs to be free, or else you're a corporate whore" camp. I'm just kind of irritated that my previously free service is now being replaced by a pay service after being told there would be a seamless transition, no worries, just go about your business and we'll take care of things. And what is this Pro concept? Are there professional blog readers out there? Because I need to apply for that job.

A lot of the blogs I read talked about moving to Bloglovin' when Google Reader died, and I set up a Bloglovin' account at one time, but I haven't used it much. It seems Bloglovin' is presenting itself as the fluffy, cuddly RSS reader, and I suppose that's why a lot of the artsy blogs I follow like it. 

Bloglovin Logo
Hug me - I'm cuddly

I have a big concern about Bloglovin', though. I keep receiving emails that people are following me on Bloglovin'. They are people I have never heard of before, and several of them are Russian and supernaturally beautiful, so that's kind of interesting. 

I'm OK with a more social experience; in fact I kind of miss that about Google Reader; it used to have a feature where you could share blogs and read what others had shared. But I don't want to get into a system where I get a bunch of friend spam to manage. Because I am an occasional writer,  but not a well-known or full-time writer, and because I participate in a lot of online forums and groups, sometimes it's hard to tell if a person wants to follow me because they are interested in my interests, or if they are just spammers. So I try to take care to separate out my personal profiles from more "professional" profiles, and I am not sure if I can do that on Bloglovin'. 

Any thoughts on these two readers and other alternatives? Should I go "Pro" on Feedly, or should I keep looking? Is there a way to manage Bloglovin' so you don't get so much friend spam? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Can you still use the free Feedly?

    1. Yes, but it doesn't have the search feature the way Google Reader used to have (for free).