Epic eBay haul from one seller!

Looking through eBay for deals a while back, I stumbled upon the seller BHFO. They seem to be a warehouse seller for department store brands. I've purchased from them here and there in the past, and many of the items I see on their listings are brands that are sold at Macy's. They never actually mention Macy's and occasionally they do have other brands, but I think Macy's must be their major supplier.

BHFO offers 99c starting prices, combined/discounted shipping, and will allow you to wait up to 14 days to pay to take advantage of the combined shipping. For the combined shipping, they charge you the full cost for one item and then discount the shipping by 70% for all of the others. When I mention prices below, they are the price without shipping, and the shipping came out to about an average of $2.09 per item.

For about a week and a half, I set up some saved searches and alerts for my and my husband's sizes, stalked all of their auctions, set myself an overall budget and per-item limits that I wouldn't go over, and got some awesome deals! In total I got 28 items and spent $149 (including shipping) on all of this stuff. I had a problem with only one item, and got a prompt refund for the problem item, which I will discuss in a moment, bringing my total for the 27 items that I will keep down to about $140. 

Many of the items that BHFO sells are brand new with no problems, but some are slightly damaged, and that's how you can get good deals. They do describe the damage and picture the item in the photos, and you should watch for the condition "new with defects." I actually got some great deals on some "defective" items that were easily fixed. And I was trying to get a quantity of things without spending much, but if you want to spend just a little more per item, you can still get great deals on name brand items. I have even seen some super high-end designer handbags on there! Just make sure to really look at the photos and descriptions.

First- Shoes! The beautiful black shoes I got are Nina, a really nice brand that is sold at Nordstrom and other high-end stores. I found these still being sold online for $50-70, but I got mine for $4.81 because they had "damage" on the soles. The damage is not really that bad, though, and would happen to anyone the first time you wore them outside. Otherwise they are spotless. Unfortunately, they don't fit me, so I am going to try to resell them. That was a risk I was ready for since I have very wide feet. I have tried on Ninas before and sometimes they fit, and sometimes they don't. But this is the only item I got that really doesn't fit, and so if it's the one thing that goes in the Goodwill pile, I won't be upset since Goodwill can get good money for them to support their programs. BHFO does have a 30-day return policy, but you don't get the shipping costs back, so for an item I only paid $4 for, it's not worth it to me to return them. I'd rather take the risk of trying to resell them or donate them.

This "damage" is acceptable to me since I am not a Real Housewife of Anywhere.
I also got some Easy Spirit sandals in wide width for $4.27 that just have a small pen mark on them. Very exciting since I can't wear sandals that are not wide width.
Easily removable.
The flats in the front left of the below photo were $4.50, are in new condition and fit me perfectly. Both the flip flops were 99 cents. The silver flip flops have a small problem where the loop needs to be sewn that is not a big deal to fix. The white Baby Phat flip-flops have a problem with the embellishment and were dirty/stained. I ran them through the washing machine and they are still a little stained. I only buy flip flops to wear around my apartment and building, so I don't mind that one of the embellishments is a little off, but I wish I would have noticed the stains in the photos on eBay. They are probably the one item I kind of wish I hadn't gotten. 

How did this happen? I thought I was being so careful. BHFO tends to have multiples of items and only lists one at a time, so if I am bidding on an item and get outbid to a point I don't want to go over and lose the item, I will go on to the next listing of the same item, and that's what happened in this case. The stains were disclosed in the description; I just didn't pay close attention and thought the "defect" was just the slightly off embellishment. Oh well, for 99 cents I can't really complain. I haven't decided yet if I will use them or toss them. I do have some awesome stain remover,  but since flip flops are kind of foam, I wonder if they will get truly clean? Any ideas?

Next, I have a pregnant friend and I couldn't resist some of these cute baby things. The shorts are Ralph Lauren and I got them for $2.25, and the other items were all considered "damaged" because they were parts of 2-piece sets where they didn't have the other part, but the items themselves are just fine and all cost me only 99 cents each! That little top with the rocket ship on it was supposed to be a 2-piece set that cost $48, according to the tag that was on it.

BHFO also sells lots of women's accessories, and the next picture cannot be shown right now because I got a head start on some Christmas shopping. I'll try to remember to come back after Christmas and update this post with the picture of some girly items I got for stocking stuffers for family and friends.
Hubby wasn't left out either. I got him a nice shirt for $5.67, a sweater vest for $2.81, and a goofy sleeveless t-shirt with a bikini babe on it for 99 cents, all in new condition. The pants pictured here were the only problem item I received in the whole batch. They were listed as a different size than they actually were, but when I contacted them about it, BHFO returned the money I spent on them plus shipping, no problem. The problem was that the length had been altered, so instead of putting the tag size in the listing, they put the actual measurements for both waist and inseam. Based on their measurements, they should have fit my husband, but the tag showed one size smaller when I got them, and they didn't fit. It was one of those things that eBay sellers could be jerks about since they did put the actual measurements in the listing, and I was  glad BHFO made it right. It's too bad the pants didn't fit, because they are a really nice pair of pants sold by a major high-end department store. 

I would have gotten hubby more stuff, but a lot of the nicer items they had were items he didn't need. I will go back sometime though and stalk the suits- they had REALLY nice suits and suit jackets from good brands that were selling for really low prices. Just not low enough for this project.
Is it weird that I bought my husband a bikini babe t-shirt?
I also got some little handbags and wallets - I love cute stuff like this, but don't ever want to spend too much on it since I don't have a lifestyle that leads to using a ton of evening bags or clutches. The top item is in new condition and might end up as a gift. The other three had problems that can easily be remedied. The second item is a clutch wallet that had come somewhat out of its frame, but I was able to repair it with some simple tools without causing any visible damage (I had to bend the frame and tighten it again, but I did it in such a way that it's only slightly dented on the inside). I've been using it all week with no problems. The ivory wallet at the bottom was just dirty, and I spent about five minutes scrubbing it with stain remover: good as new. 
Slightly damaged goods at great prices. All but the top were 99 cents.
As for the satin handbag, I got it cheap because it was missing its embellishments, but I have this kind of steampunk glow-in-the dark bow that I got from an Etsy seller last year that I am going to glue on there. The bow is supposed to be a brooch, but I rarely wear it. I think that it will be super fun to have a glow-in-the-dark bow on a satin evening bag.
From broken to custom!
BHFO had lots of pretty bags listed, but I didn't go for any bigger ones since I just got a couple of new purses on clearance not too long ago and am set for purses for now.

And now for the boring/practical part of my haul. I got six pairs of pants. All new condition with tags, all fit just fine because I looked for Macy's brands that I already know fit me. Two pair were 99 cents, and the highest I bid was $8 for the gray pair because I LOVE gray pants. Most of them were around $5.
Pants. Lots of Pants.
 Last, I got this little bolero to wear on formal occasions for $4.01. I have a sleeveless black dress I like to wear something over, and this will be perfect. This was also considered "new with defects" because it was supposed to be part of a 2-piece set with a dress. But the item itself is perfectly new and not defective at all.
This is one of those times I am really loving eBay. I could have kept going and gotten way more good stuff, but I had set a budget for this project, so I cashed out when I got to my limit. I'll definitely shop with BHFO again, and have been poking around eBay looking for other warehouse sellers.


  1. Wow, you got a lot of good deals...love the bow on the purse! and the bolero is really cute!

  2. It's not weird u bought ur husband a bikini babe tshirt. That's really kool of u. Right on!

  3. I currently buy tons of stuff from BHFO, they have raised their bidding price on many items in the last month. They do, now, have the measurements for each item listed under their product on a separate page. I have not purchased anything damaged although they do tell you ahead of time that it is damaged and what the damage is. I currently spend $100/mo and am filling up my closet. I just love BHFO!!!