Honest Company Trial Pack Review

Shows five sample-sized products from the Honest Company. Healing balm, Laundry Detergent, Shampoo and Body Wash, Hand Soap and Lotion.
I've heard a lot about the Honest Company, which is the actress Jessica Alba's home and beauty product company. She apparently started it after having children and realizing that she only wanted to use healthy natural products in her home, so she founded her own company to make them. But perhaps after having children she realized that she needed more paychecks, because at my last count there were lots of healthy natural products for the home already, and these aren't standing out to me in any way.

The Honest Company sells a range of products from cleaning supplies to basic beauty products like shampoo and conditioner to diapers. It's a monthly subscription service and you can add on up to three items per month at a "discount." I had a chance to try it out using a free trial that's available to any customer when there was a coupon going around for free shipping. I didn't receive these products for review from the company.

In researching this company, I found that there are a lot of mommy bloggers out there who have written exuberant reviews of this line of products under a title something like "An Honest Review of the Honest Company." Only of these "honest" blog posts specifically stated that the products were give it to her for review by the company, so I'm not sure if they were all given the products and asked to use that headline, or if they all just have the same cheesy idea of what makes a good headline?

In any case,  my review is going to be much less enthusiastic and perhaps actually honest!  My response to these products is a resounding "meh." Maybe my perspective is skewed because I live in Seattle and we've long had access to tons of different natural and healthy products. We don't even have to go to a special store; we can just buy a whole range of natural household basics at any grocery store. However, I have noticed that Target nowadays does sell a few really good natural brands, and I assume at Target sells the same stuff nationwide.

Breaking down the trial box into individual reviews, there were two products I would never use again, and three products that were just fine but not super exciting. The healing balm was greasy and sticky and never really sunk into my skin; I patiently sat with it on my hands for about 20 minutes while watching TV before I just finally washed it off. And the shampoo and body wash should never be used as a shampoo. It didn't feel like it rinsed totally out of my hair or made it clean. There are so many natural shampoos on the market, so there's really no excuse for a sub-standard shampoo. I got a free bottle of the "Clean" brand that they sell in my local grocery store for $5 for a full size, and that's even better than this so-called shampoo. If you use this product as a body wash, it's fine but not great.
Shows Honest Company body balm and shampoo

The other three products that I received in my sample box were laundry detergent, hand soap, and face and body lotion. Ignoring the fact that you should probably never use the same lotion on your face and your body, all three of those products were pretty much just average, okay products, but nothing I really need to go out of my way to sign up to receive or anything.

I'm not afraid of a subscription service; some of my best stuff has come out of the services I love like Birchbox and Sample Society. But I guess I just don't understand why I need to promise to give Jessica Alba a monthly stipend for her to send me products that aren't particularly great and aren't particularly inexpensive. If a person really wants to sign up for monthly deliveries of products, you can do that through Amazon or Vine.com, which sells all kinds of natural and home products. I even have a coupon below for 20% off your first purchase at Vine.com. I'm guessing Jessica Alba is probably already rich enough.
Shows all five products mentioned in the text. They are trial sized.

Side note: if you do sign up for the free trial,  make sure you decide whether or not to cancel within 7 days - they warn you of this, but I am warning you again. :) Disclosures: I "purchased" this product (for free) without getting it sent to me to review. However, I did embed some referral links in this blog post.

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  1. WOW sorry to hear you feel this way about these products. The shampoo & body wash is all I use on my hair and my kids. I go to an Aveda salon and can't afford their shampoo so I use Honest and my Color doesn't fade. The conditioner is fantastic and I also love their conditioning/detangler spray. My daughter has fine hair that tangles badly when it's wet. This stuff is great!
    Not sure what you were doing with the healing balm on your hands. It's like a salve. I don't think it's supposed to be absorbed into the skin like a hand cream. You didn't clarify what u were doing with that.
    The body lotion is good for my son's eczema. I switch between that and my Norwex body lotion. Whatever I have on hand at the time.
    I love their laundry detergent but use Nellie's because it's made in Canada and I prefer powder
    Their diapers/wipes/training pants are fantastic! I switched from pampers to Honest diapers then training pants. I'd never use anything else again. I found other "environmentally/eco friendly diapers not so good
    I just ordered a huge shipment of their sunscreen because they sold out last year and I couldn't get any so I messaged them on Facebook and they let me order 4 so I could stock up
    You can change the date of the auto subscriptions. You don't need it coming each month. You get an email reminder that your bundle is shipping soon and you can go push the date out if you're not ready yet.
    It's to bad you don't like the products. I found the shampoo & conditioner way better than any of the "natural" products I found in any of my local stores.
    Their customer service is outstanding. I ordered a bottle of laundry detergent once and it leaked during shipping. They gave me a credit AND sent me a new bottle and I didn't ask for either. I told them one or the other was fine, they didn't need to do both.
    It became a billion $$$ company in less than 3 years so I guess they're doing something right