Chicken with Plums by Marjane Satrapi

I love everything Marjane Satrapi does, so it's no surprise I loved this book. I read this in the context of the 2009 Iranian presidential election, and while this book is not political, it helped give me an insight to a small corner of Iranian culture.

The main character of this graphic novel is a man who decides to die, and within the first few pages, you know that he does. The book outlines his journey toward death, and the reader is the only one who knows it's really going to happen, lending to a darkly bittersweet tone.

I admire Satrapi's emotional honesty and clear-headed approach to tragedy. This man is related to her, although he died before she was born, the story is told with love that was passed down through generations. This slim volume manages to be a luminous rumination on marriage, art, and family.

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