A Guide to Visitors

In March, I told a story in a show called A Guide to Visitors, which is a small storytelling show in a very small theatre in a small bar in Belltown, Seattle, WA, USA. I'm new to storytelling, although I have done poetry open mics in the past. It's great, as my work gets more and more professional and political, to have this outlet where I can just get on stage and express myself, me, and tell these stories about the things that happened to me in the Omaha days. At least that's what I've done so far.

Tomorrow night the theme of the show is "Crash," and I am telling a story this time about my ex-boyfriend and me, when we drove to Canada to cash in some Canadian change. It was kind of a fiasco in many ways, kind of like a lot of my life then, kind of like that relationship. But this story is just a funny story, and I'm looking forward to telling it tomorrow night.

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