The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf

While browsing at a used bookstore, looking for Woolf essays, I came across A Voyage Out (1915) and realized that I had never actually read a Virginia Woolf novel. Although the Woolfs did not found Hogarth Press until 1917, in the spirit of Virginia Woolf's contribution to small press publication, I think A Voyage Out deserves a place here.

I have often appreciated the honesty and eccentricity of Woolf's voice as an essayist, and I am not disappointed with my first try at a Woolf novel. Voyage both satirizes and digs into the lives of wealthy Brits of the early 20th century as they travel to South America for a months-long journey. Woolf gives us all the conversation and inertia of a Jane Austen novel with a lot more emotion and a sharper, more insistent critique.

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