Moogly's Snow Drops cowl with Cloudborn Fibers

Disclaimer: I am a Craftsy affiliate, this blog contains affiliate links to Craftsy, and they sent me this yarn. However, the opinions in this post are all mine! And as usual, I would like to remind the reader that I don't make enough on ads to sell my soul! I just use them to make a little money talking about stuff I would talk about anyway since running a blog costs me a little money and a lot of time. There are also Amazon affiliate links for the swift and the winder.

A couple of weeks ago, I got some Cloudborn Fibers Highland Fingering yarn from Craftsy. It's a yarn line that is exclusive to Craftsy and you can read more about it in my previous post. Where I last left off, I was trying to decide between a number of patterns to make with it. Which one did I choose? Now it's time for the big reveal!

Snow Drops Reversible Cowl in Cloudborn Highland Fingering

The answer is: None of them!!

Cloudborn Fibers Yarn by Craftsy

I was excited when Craftsy started selling an exclusive line of yarn. I think of Craftsy as a place to get good deals on quality yarn, so I figured it would be nice yarn for a good price. Craftsy sent me a couple of skeins of Highland Fingering for review purposes.

Disclaimer: I am a Craftsy affiliate, the links in this post are ad links, and they sent me this yarn to try out. However, all opinions are my own. I don't make enough money on these deals to sell my soul. What is the price of my soul, you ask? I'm not sure, but it's definitely more than a couple of skeins of yarn and a modicum of ad revenue. I just use affiliate revenue and blog samples to save money trying out things I would want to try out anyway and provide my genuine feedback and opinions.

So anywho, on to the yarn! I opted for one skein each of the Taupe Heather and Stone Heather. The Stone Heather is the darker color. In case your monitor is like mine: it's more on the brown side than what is showing on my screen. Both colors are on the warm toned side, but are showing more cool on my screen. So if you are seeing a more grey tone, adjust your mind to expect more of a brown tone for the Stone Heather and a more cream tone for the Taupe Heather.

Two skeins of yarn in neutral colors. Darker one on the left.
Cloudborn Fibers Highland Fingering

Madison Reed

disclaimer: I am a Madison Reed affiliate, and I received the products used in this post for review purposes. However, I don't make enough money on affiliate posts to sell my soul, so the opinions in this post are mine and mine alone.

I haven't colored my hair for many years. I messed around with home color in the 90's, doing a few different versions of "overly purple eggplant red" that was in vogue at the time. Earlier this year, I was getting a bit bored with my hair and looked into color at the salon, and it was just way too expensive for me. So when I had the opportunity to try out Madison Reed haircolor, which is a bit higher end than the box color you can buy at the drugstore, I was intrigued. They purport to be healthier than regular hair dye, although I am not a scientist nor am I a hair color expert, so I will just link to their page on that and let you check it out. But don't forget to come back and check out my new hair!

Madison Reed has a Color Advisor service on the website, and you can also call on the phone and talk to people for color advice. I am more of an internet person than a phone person, and I already had an idea of what I wanted, so I used the Color Advisor on the site. It asks a series of questions both about what your hair is like and what you want, and came up with some recommendations. Basically, I didn't want to go lighter or darker, just wanted to jazz up my brown hair with some color, and the color I chose, Trieste Red, promised to be a "Deep reddish mahogany brown."

I ordered one of my recommendations in a permanent color kit ( and it came like this:

Products in a plastic tray in a box. You can see color, activator, and minis of shampoo and conditioner.
Color Kit
There were things hidden in there under some of the items, too, so overall this is what was in it:
Photo shows contents of color kit, which will be described in the text. The Barrier Cream and Wipe are in a foil pack, shampoo andconditioner minis, small boxes with gloves and a cap, the hair color and the activator in full size bottles.
Contents of kit

The Glassblower Book Review

The Glassblower
Disclaimer: I was given this book to review by the publisher, as is standard for book reviews. In addition, I am using my Amazon affiliate link in this post.

The Glassblower (The Glassblower Trilogy Book 1)
by Petra Durst-Benning
Amazon Publishing

The Glassblower is the first in a series of three historical novels about a German family who works in the glassblowing industry in the late nineteenth century. That seems obvious by the title, but the title is kind of a tease, because at the very beginning of the novel, the man of the house passes away and none of the women knows how to blow glass. They make livings in other ways throughout the novel, and it takes a while to find out who the glassblower of the title really is.

The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes Book Review

The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes
Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links and I was given this book as a review copy, which is standard in the publishing industry. The opinions are my own.

The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes
by Anna McPartlin
St. Martin's Press
Literature/Fiction (Adult)

The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes is just as it sounds: an accounting of the last days of a dying woman. Sounds pretty dreary, right? I'm not even sure why I picked it up. I always have a lot of e-book galleys on my Kindle and I was on a plane ride and just thought I would give it a try. By the time we touched down, I was hooked.

Dia&Co Review - Styling Service for Plus Size Fashion

Disclaimer: I was given a free trial of Dia&Co because they knew I was writing a blog post. I did not get any free clothing; they just waived the $20 styling fee for this box. Also, the link used throughout is a referral link, meaning I get a bit of a site credit if you join through my link, and I have used affiliate links as well. If this review helps, I would appreciate if you would use to help support my blog. 

Dia&Co is a new plus size fashion styling service. I first heard about it on Love, Lust or Run with Stacy London. Buying plus size clothing in the malls can be stressful to say the least- the choices are slim, no pun intended, and the tryon process can be humiliating with the three-way mirrors and super young salesgirls who don't get it if you don't want to look like you are going to da club. So I do most of my shopping online, but that has its drawbacks as well- How do you know what size to get or if anything will even fit you? 

Enter Dia&Co, a shopping subscription service that sends you a package of goodies to try on at home.

Goodies from Dia&Co

Basically, you have a consultation with a stylist, then they send you a box of items that they think will work for you based on what you discussed.  I love trying on at home because I can take my time, I don't have to look at my ass in the three way mirror, and I can get photos to share with my friends on social media to decide. You have five days to decide and then you send back what you don't want and buy what you do. Easy peasy. 

First, the consultation with the stylist- My stylist, Megan, offered to call on the phone, which I thought was a nice personalized service. A lot of companies that offer "styling" seem to do some kind of quick survey and computer algorithm and the styling is way off or just random. In this case, I was super busy and couldn't make time for a phone call, so we did it over email, but it was still a personal email discussion where she sent a list of questions and I was replying to a human. I did feel like she really wanted to find styles for me and wasn't just working through a script - she asked a couple of times in different ways if I had other needs that I didn't feel were addressed by the questions she asked, which was nice. Overall, I feel like the items I got did reflect the answers that I gave her and she did a good job with that, giving the shipment a personal touch. The info card with my shipment was in an envelope that had my name personally written on it with marker.

Personal touch
OK, so now - on to the clothing!

Trying Out Madison Reed Hair Color

Note: I am a new Madison Reed affiliate. I haven't tried their hair color yet, although I have tried their shampoos and conditioners in the past and really liked them. So I am doing a series of posts to try out the haircolor that is sponsored by them. I will share my honest assessment as we go along.

Have you ever tried Madison Reed hair color? I am planning to try it out. I was thinking of getting some creative color done to my hair at the salon, but the cost would have been around $300, which is just way too much for me to afford. I don't normally color my hair, and I don't know that I want to do something permanent, but I am kind of wanting to do something rich and gorgeous for fall, so I am drawn to the Semi-Permanent Gloss.

I was thinking of getting the shade Barolo. What do you think?
Madison Reed Semi-Permanent Gloss in Barolo
I don't think I would try dying my hair this red with permanent color, but it might be fun with semi-permanent color.